Stock Portfolio Tracking Spreadsheet

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With the help of this Google Sheets template, you can quickly create an interactive and simple-to-understand investment portfolio.

a Google Sheets spreadsheet that makes it simple for you to understand your portfolio's performance.

Check out the example sheet here:


The portfolio sheet before

  • You must establish standards for your investments and portfolio. However,
  • The absence of easy-to-use portfolio tracking tools prevents investors from being able to simply assess their portfolio's performance.
  • As a consequence, an investor may find out by searching and conducting research online whether or not his portfolio experiences the projected increase.
  • Even if an investor is gathering information about their assets and portfolio, they might not have a mechanism in place to analyse and visualise the information in order to provide adequate data.

The portfolio sheet follows the

  • The template is simple to use, has a transparent workflow, and can be shared with investors.
  • As soon as data is submitted, portfolio trackers are quickly produced with aesthetically pleasing and tidy dashboards.
  • All of the investment data is contained on a single worksheet.
  • The realised and unrealized gains for each stock may be monitored by an investor.
  • A shareholder can keep track of their overall dividend payout.

Key Elements

  • Instantaneous categorization of investments for visual breakdown
  • A dashboard that shows the whole portfolio.
  • Just one data entry per transaction into a data sheet
  • Drop-down menus that are dynamically filtered and update as you type to speed up data entry and reduce human error!
  • This sheet having feature of recording Cash deposits & withdrawals and Long or Short positions. Also adding Daily Gain/losses,Dashboard, Watchlist, Portfolio History and many more features.

How does it function?

  • Step 1: Fill up the "Data" spreadsheet with your data.
  • Step 2: Open the "Dashboard" spreadsheet's interactive dashboard.
  • That's it. Thank you!

You'll get

  • An investment portfolio tracking spreadsheet template
  • A spreadsheet contains a step.


Why can't I simply purchase a template and edit it myself?

Of course, I say!

Therefore, save yourself time and effort and get the template if you're interested in purchasing the investment portfolio tracker, so that you may use it right away.

If I need assistance, will I get it?

Yes! Please email me if you need assistance or have any suggestions! The template contains the mail ID.

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Stock Portfolio Tracking Spreadsheet

2 ratings
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